Manolo has dedicated over two decades to mastering his spell over the dance floor, building a vast and intensely loyal audience in the process.  His residencies at Boston’s two mega clubs, Avalon and the Roxy, as well as his production work, helped him to earn worldwide recognition for both nightspots. In 1995, Manolo was selected to join the Billboard Reporter panel; an elite group of dj's handpicked by Billboard Magazine that are considered "tastemakers" in the industry, where they are single handedly responsible for breaking music and getting music charted on the Billboard Top 50 chart. This is an honored position that Manolo still holds. Having shared the stage with global icons such as Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Danny Tenaglia, and Erick Morillo to name a few, Manolo achieved for Avalon Mixer magazine's vote as “Best Club” in America in January 2001.

As a producer, Manolo's music springs entirely from real emotion and real feeling. It isn't just an artistic journey, or a display of virtuosity for its own sake. His tracks have soul and meaning.  He intends them for expression on big crowds on big dance floors, and there is nothing subtle about their impact. Big dance crowds inspire Manolo's big soulfulness, indeed the sound in his tracks is that of bigness and of large numbers of people expressing themselves all together, diverse and unified at the same time. His fans love it.  Survey a club when Manolo is spinning, and everywhere you look, you’ll find hands raised in the air and a look of rapture on the upturned faces of the crowd.

In the studio as a producer, Manolo makes powerful, driving music, with big feelings and big sounds.  However, it's Manolo’s melodic touch that looms over everything else in his recordings.  Listen, for example,  to his remixes of "Taking Chances" by Celine Dion, "Just Fine" by Mary J Blige, "Get The Party Started" by Dame Shirley Bassey or "Let The World Fall Apart" by Jan Johnston, and you'll clearly hear his melodic touch, evoking new emotions through his production work. He combines everything from dark and deadly serious rhythms to lush and uplifting vocals, creating a singular sound of his own.  Manolo has also been widely recognized for his collaborations with rising internationally known DJ-producer, Tom Colontonio and their collaborations have made their way into compilations by global EDM icons such as Paul Oakenfold & George Acosta. 

Over the years Manolo has been involved in many different nightlife related ventures. In addition to his main gig as a working DJ, these include owning a boutique style record store (Sound Factory), co-founding and operating New England's first DJ School (DJ Mix Academy); operating a state of the art recording studio (Noisefloor Recordings) and a high end lounge in the Philadelphia area (One14). More recently, Manolo was the managing operator overseeing the highly successful and nationally acclaimed nightlife venue inside Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City, NJ; The Pool After Dark, winning "Best Mega-Club 2011". At The Pool, Manolo embraced the world of event staging with a huge hit on his first such venture. You can listen to Manolo every Saturday night on www.radyodanset.com as his weekly EDM mix show is broadcast all over the globe.

Clearly, there are few roles that Manolo has yet to fill in the world of dance music – as a successful DJ, producer, remix artist, Manolo has done it all with integrity, and with humility.  Manolo is a gentle, honest, and caring artist with a tremendous passion for music.  “Who knows what the future holds,” he concludes on a hopeful note, “but there is one thing that I am sure of: the music has always been and will always be my mistress.”

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